Post Forming

Postformers WA is the Benchtop division of Brown Brothers Furniture. We specialise in the manufacture and distribution of Postformed Bench and Counter Tops using state-of-the-art Squareform technology.

Squareform edges on worktops are ‘tighter’ post-formed edges. This gives the look of real stone products. Have the look of real stone for a fraction of the cost.

We are also accredited fabricators of Freestyle, Corian, HiMacs, Staron, and Baresque solid surface materials used for high quality bench and counter tops.

We custom manufacture products to suit your exact specifications, including:

  • Post-Formed Bench & Counter Tops
  • Square-Form Bench Tops
  • Laminex Bench Tops
  • Formica Bench Tops
  • Coved Upstand Bench Tops.
  • And many more

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